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From an early age I was fascinated by art. From drawing my first recognizable dinosaur to winning a Halloween art contest at age 5, my childhood was filled with creative endeavors and accomplishments. After completing my Associate of Arts Degree and receiving a Certificate of Interior Design, I took a break from my creative path and explored a career in technology. It wasn't long before I was longing to stretch my artistic legs again and began learning about the world of art licensing and surface design. This led me to start my company, Janna Salak Designs, and I haven't looked back since!

Over the years I have lived a variety of places, from coast to coast of the United States and even overseas in Krakow, Poland. These journeys have given me a wide perspective on the beauty of the world and its many creatures which I try to channel in my art. I am currently living in a beautiful oceanside community in North Carolina with my husband and our 2 cats, where I draw inspiration from my office's peek-a-boo water view and the abundant wildlife that crosses my yard. When I’m not designing, you’re bound to find me on long walks, reading mystery books, or trying to win the heart of the feral cat that calls my yard home.

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