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The Easy Photo Booth Prop Tutorial

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

I came up with this method after almost losing my mind trying the x-acto knife / foam board method. I'm sure there are a lot of people who have the patience for detailed foam board cutting but I am not one of them. I already have a one inch pinkie scar from a really sharp blade and I don't need any more! I find this method to be infinitely easier and you still have cute sturdy props!


· 8.5×11 heavy-weight paper or card-stock

· Dowels (I am using paper straws that I bought at a party supply store)

· Scotch Tape

· Clear Packing Tape

· Scissors

Step One:

Print out the photo booth props on your card-stock.

Step Two:

On the blank back side of the photo prop paper, put several layers of clear packing tape. I like to put enough that the paper feels nice and sturdy, but not too much that you will have trouble cutting with scissors. In this tutorial I used 3 layers.

Step Three:

Use your scissors to cut around each prop.

Step Four:

Tape the dowel to the backside of the prop. Done! You’ve got your very own set of photo booth


* You can find a variety of printable photo booth props in my Etsy Shop HERE!

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